“Happy Birthday” is both a single and not an album. There has been such an insane degree of omnipresence and Google search results from your guys that it’s probably much higher. A harmonic clothes line circling the world that we all draw from. A song performed for over a hundred years in every inhabited house in the English-speaking world. “Happy Birthday” guitar versions are numerous, from the fast and punkie iteration of the Ramones to intricate solos on the Acoustic guitar. We must start with the basic chord progression you can change as you like.

Time Signature 3:4 in this course we haven’t looked very much yet at 3:4. But this tune, which is most simple, is in 3:4.

This is a fantastic word that doesn’t launch the melody on the first note! In this situation, the first 2 notes and 3 + are listed for beat 3.

Guitar chords to Happy Birthday in G

In many different keys, you can play this song. Many people choose the key that better matches their voice.

You can translate these chords to different keys, if you want, I’ll give you chords in other keys as well in a second. I like to play them on the key of G, I think this is the classic version:

  • G
  • D
  • D7
  • C

{ G } Happy birthday to { D } you

{ D7 } Happy birthday to { G } you

{ G } Happy birthday dear { C } YOUR_NAME

{ G } Happy birthday { D7 } to { G } you

Happy Birthday guitar chords in key of D

This one is in the key of D, which is also nice. It is a higher sounding version because of the starting D chord. The chords goes as follows :

  • D
  • A
  • A7
  • G

{ D } Happy birthday to { A } you

{ A7 } Happy birthday to { D } you

{ D } Happy birthday dear { G } YOUR_NAME

{ D } Happy birthday { A7 } to { D } you

Happy Birthday chords in key of C

If you’re looking for even more variety, here are the chords in the key of C. This one has a barre chord though, so it’s not for guitar newbies. Guitar chords goes as follows :

  • C
  • G
  • G7
  • F

{ C } Happy birthday to { G } you

{ G7 } Happy birthday to { C } you

{ C } Happy birthday dear { F } YOUR_NAME

{ C } Happy birthday { G7 } to { C } you

Strumming pattern to Happy Birthday

It is pretty easy for this song to come up with a simple template. In reality you can just hammer the chords down without waiting, and the pace of shuffling still would sound good.

Oh yeah, that’s important: you have to have a sensation of swing rather than straight.

This is my strum, so feel free to make your own. I like to use this template. First it seems a little complex, but with a little practice you’re going to get it. The rhythm of the song moves well.


↓↑ ↓ ↓↑ ↑↓ ↓ ↓↑ ↑

Happy Birthday guitar melody notes + chords

That is the secret to C and suggests you’re going to play C chords and incorporate melody notes this mimic the words.

This is a beautifully complete version, whish’s easy to learn I think you would enjoy always. Watch it, show it on their birthdays to your friends, and watch them light their faces.

See the first two plucks of the open string G don’t begin with the 1st beat of the action, instead of the 3rd beat. Be conscious of the chords on which you are practicing. While you’re not practicing whole chords, I think you’re going to enjoy it, it’s a perfectly detailed and easy to learn edition. Watch it, play it on birthdays to your little ones and enjoy the beauty on their smiles.

Remember that the song will be in 3/4 and note that the first 2 G-string opening plucks will not begin on the 1st beat, but on the 3rd beat. Stay conscious, too, of the chords over which you are practicing. You’re illustrating them even if you don’t practice whole chords. Understanding that helps mastering the music faster.


A very important chord to think about is the E-Major chord on the guitar. You will definitely use this particular chord in many songs, and after that, it is necessary to learn well if you wish to play on the instrument your favorite songs.

I’ll teach you some different ways to play the E minor chord if you’re a novice in this article. At the bottom of the lesson, you will also discover more difficult variation of the E-minor guitar chord with the version of the bar chord.

Let’s start with a condensed theory of E minor guitar chord music.

Chords consist of three musical notes, which imply you have to hit 3 notes to create the E minor chord. A very important chord to think about is the E-moll chord on the guitar. You will definitely use this particular chord in many songs, and after that, it is necessary to learn well if you wish to play on the instrument your favorite songs.