San Andreas is an action adventure genre game which was developed in 2004. Rockstar north was the creator of the game. It was published by Rockstar games. In the GTA game series like gta 5 its title is seventh. The game is heavily praised by the critics and is considered the greatest game.

It has different platforms to play on, first it became most popular on the PlayStation and then to Xbox and then after on PC which we have played a lot in our childhood. Now the developers of this brilliant game have made some changes in graphics and it’s gameplay and made this game available for portable devices like smartphones. But this change doesn’t let the graphics down. It is very good and clear and smooth.

GTA in Android apk a form is like a dream for you, but it is real and it has pleased the fans of this Grand Theft Auto franchise and also is a great form of entertainment for anyone.

You can do many things in this game. First of all, your main character is CJ who got different works in the criminal world and you have to complete it in a given period of time you play it as a third perspective. San Andreas is a Los Angeles based city and there are three different cities in this game that you explore while working. You can download the Android apk version from its official website. Also other options are Google play, softonic etc. In Google play it is the paid version but you can download the free version also by MOD apk.

Its Android version was released on 19 December 2013 and its modes of play are single player mod and multiplayer mode.

If you face any problem while downloading this game you can find some tips on Google or YouTube. These are the best platforms where you can find some of the solutions to your problems related to this game.

Other than the playing experience of this game, it has won different awards also like, vgx award for game of the year, teen choice award for choice video game, Golden joystick award for game of the year, vgx best action game, vgx for best sound track & GameSpot award for Best action adventure game.

I will only say that this is a very good game to play, it is full of entertainment, action, thrill etc.


The game is very fantastic and it is known for it’s gameplay and graphics. Those who have played this game in PC knows it very well. Those people who you don’t know much about this game has to know that it’s just like a open world game. A person named carp get back to his home. He came back to the home after his mother’s death. His aim aim was to you get when venegance of the people who are responsible for killing his mom. It’s a mission game and is very fun to play. You will get bicycles, motorcycles and guns in this game. You have varieties of missions and also so you will love to play this adventure game. You can use cheat codes for various things like helicopter and various vehicles.