Gaming is a huge part of the millennial generation right now. With the advancement of technology, we see new games pop up in the Play store every other minute. Be it a cooking game, a storyline game or shooting games, it is addictive entertainment, to say the least.

Speaking of shooting, today we are going to focus on a game that centers the same, Garena Free Fire. This game is a premium multiplayer game that succeeded in one of the most popular shooting games at the moment PUBG.  It is available on both Android and iOS devices. The game does not consist of any storyline, the main aim to just kill other virtual players and be crowned number one. It is a survival game that motivates you to not die during the play. it was released on January 26th,2019 and it is free to download with optional memberships. 

Similar to the idea of PUBG, 50 players are dropped down into the ground and from there on they will have to fight each other for survival. The graphic elements are very realistic, so when you shoot down another person there will be a display of blood splattering. You will have to collect ammunition, armor, health packs and so on. The area in which you will be battling will shrink in time and you will have to make sure that your character remains in the designated area throughout the game, if the character is outside the circle they will die. The battle goes on till there is one survivor left.

Now on to the more technical aspect of the game, the violence factor is primarily dominant in the game, because the whole game is built around survival and battle for the number one spot. Also, the number of players you kill will give you higher accolades through the game. When we are talking about technical aspect, how can we forget about MOD? Yes that’s where Free Fire has edge over the PUBG mobile game. There are many working Free Fire mods available for the Free Fire game online. 

The game is a multiplayer game, so it facilitates chat and voice features through which you can communicate to other players you can also form friend lists and groups. This game can be played individually, as dual players and as a group of four, but it’s not manifest.

Sexualization of female characters is present, there are costumes available that facilitate the idea of a sexy nurse or a sexy schoolgirl, which is being mentioned purely for parental guidance.

The game app is pushy in advertisements, on opening the game you are bombarded with a series of advertisements that convince you to buy one thing or the other, which is annoying when you have come with the intent to play the game. Players are also encouraged to spend money on different virtual items in the game such as armors and weapons, there are also a few in-app shops missions for the players to follow.

The visuals and the graphics are quite okay but there is nothing new this game can provide if you are already familiar with similar games that have a much better rating. You are constantly confronted by advertisements that are not a helping factor. There is also an occasional lag in the game which makes it dangerous for the player especially if you are stuck in a crossfire. The overall setting of the game is not all that appealing it has a greyish hue to it which makes it very dull and the location that is presented is not all that attractive either, but on the bright side, the controls are quite simple and well-designed which makes it easier for rookies, and is also a disadvantage to the platinum players.  The sole purpose is to survive the longest either through confrontation or through elusiveness. The last player is crowned the ultimate winner which is an accomplishment some cannot get enough of. 

Recommending this game for kids is not at all logical because of the violence and sexual elements that go into the game. There is a very realistic display of the players dying and these players are in their human form while doing so. It promotes the idea that killing for sport is okay and that is not an idea that we need to promote in our society. Also, the app is very influential, in the sense there is a possibility that the kids would be influenced or coerced into buying the multiple things the apps keep pushing. Most of these attractive offers are sure to catch their eye and it may lead to bad choices along the way. One other aspect that may be considered a negative is the fact that the app allows us to communicate with strangers when kids are involved this is not ideal. Kids may pick up on slangs and languages that are derogatory so parents will need to keep this in mind.

If you are 18 and above, and you want a game that belongs to the battle royale genre, then it is an average game that you could try out but it is not exactly worth your time and there are much better alternatives to this game. 

Before playing any game, we must read the privacy terms and policies of the game, especially if you are a parent, it is advised that you keep a close eye on the games played by your children. Although it has not been fully proved that gaming can influence behavior, but it is very obvious children have a much adaptable brain and things they find entertaining leave a lasting impression on them.