Hindi is a language spoken widely across India. Therefore it is natural that various documents are written or typed in Hindi. Hence it is of utmost importance to learn how to type in Hindi.  Learning to type is not a herculean task if it is done in the right manner. One can become a perfectionist within a short period of time. Just typing is not enough! What is more important is that you should learn how to type fast. It saves time and effort and also improves efficiency at work.

How to start?

Now when one decides to learn how to type in Hindi, it is important to start with the basics first. You can use any software that can help you to type easily. Some softwares include India typing software, Indic input 3, google input tool, Hindi writer, JR Hindi typing software, sonma typing expert, soni typing software, JR Hindi typing software, etc. It is important to be regular while learning. Log in to the site, prepare a lesson and keep reviewing your preparation. The earlier you start, the better it will be.

Learn to type fast

It is important to type fast in order to save time. For this, one must complete short exercises that will be completed in a short duration of time. It is important to complete such exercises every day to master this art. If you miss the practice even for one day then you might forget what you learned the previous day. The exercises are really short and can be completed by anybody. They are designed in such a way that they can be completed by even a person who does not know much about typing. This way you will learn to type in Hindi effectively.

Go step by step

It is important to learn step by step. Don’t directly jump to typing full essays. Start with letters first, then small words, then frame sentences and after that type paragraphs. You first need to know the position of every word on the keyboard. Practice will make you perfect. Soon your fingers will learn where to position themselves while typing. You will not even feel the need to look down on the keyboard to search a word to type. But this is a steady process. You will need to be patient and keep a regular practice.

Increase your speed gradually

Initially, when one learns how to type, the speed of typing is very slow. It might take hours to type even a few words. This is so because you have to look down at the keyboard, search for the letter you wish to type, and then press that letter with your fingers. But once you are familiar with the layout of the keyboard, your mind will automatically tell your fingers to position themselves on the right letter. This will save enormous amount of time and your speed will increase. Keep a track record of the time you take to type. You will notice the difference as you proceed.

How much time to devote?

If you are really serious about learning how to type in Hindi, then you must devote time to it every day. You do not need to spare hours for learning, just 15-20 minutes will be enough. Just complete your exercises in time, take the tests, learn from your mistakes and keep them in mind. Typing is all practice. Once you master it, it will stay with you and help you ease your task and save your valuable time in the future. So there is no harm taking out time regularly for acquiring this useful skill.

An easy approach to learning

The easiest way to learn to type is to pick up an assignment and keep sticking to it until you become perfect in it. Don’t jump to the next tasks if the previous ones are not completed. Just go step by step. Strengthen your basics first and then the complex processes. Choose software as per your requirements. These days Softwares come with innovative technologies to teach Hindi typing. They even provide English to Hindi translations and vice versa. The tests help you test your progress.

Take timely tests

Just keeping on learning will not lead to improvement. You need a platform to test how well you have learned and also you need to evaluate yourself in those tests. Initially, the score won’t be really good but towards the end, you would be surprised to see your progress. You can also compare your progress on a daily basis. But it is important to choose the right program as per your interest and requirement. They might also come with the feature of telling you how to pronounce a word as you type.

Importance of typing in Hindi

Every nation has its own language that they speak and write in. Now Hindi is important for you not only within India but outside India as well. You may have clients wanting you to type in your own native language and it is disgraceful if you do not know how to do it. Supposing you go overseas for some work, they might want you to work with people who write in the same language. Learning Hindi can be hard to learn but once you decide that you have to learn, it becomes relatively easier. Just pick the correct software, practice regularly, and take timely tests.…

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