A person can celebrate his life in many ways. There’s no single and particular way to celebrate your happiness. Life is actually very beautiful and artistic. The natural scenic beauty is the best mind soothing picture our Mother Nature can ever gift. The realistic greenery of trees, red-yellow sun, blue sky, a colourful rainbow can never be compared with man-made colours. Every human being has their own favourite icon. It can be anything like trees, wildlife, any material. But do you have any idea that you can also draw your favourite icon on your body? Yes, it is possible to sketch your dearest icon or symbol on your body part.

The temporary or permanent drawing on the human body is called tattoo. So, have you ever thought that drawing a tattoo on your body can have some importance? No, you have never thought. Definitely, drawing a tattoo will make you more attractive but in addition to it, tattoos have some of its own significance.

Importance of Tattoo

  • Tattoos make a person feel unique and special.
  • Drawing a tattoo gives you a pleasure of self-love.
  • People owning a tattoo says that it makes a person more attractive and confident.
  • Bodily scars can be turned into art by getting inked.
  • Tattoos improve the attitude of a person.

The above-mentioned importance of tattoo is highly researched and also in a survey many people after getting inked has said that they have higher self-esteem as they started feeling special and extraordinary.

How to Take care of your Tattoo?

Getting inked is easy but taking care of the tattoo is a little bit tough. You have to follow some basic rules and regulations to take good care of your inked tattoo. Below mentioned are some basic rules that should be followed after getting tattooed. Have a look!!

Moisturizer:- Apply moisturizer many times in a day to keep the tattoo moist and wet. It will help in preventing the irritation caused due to ink.

Avoid Exposure to Sun:- The person owning a tattoo should protect the tattooed area from exposure to the sun. Sun exposure may increase the irritation and cause discomfort to the person.

Cleanliness:- The tattooed skin should be kept clean and clear to avoid skin issues. And a gentle touch of water and plain soap is enough to clean the area. Do not rub the tattoo and itch. It will cause nothing but only irritation. And also spoil your tattoo.

Clothing:- Wear something skin-friendly especially when you own a tattoo. Do not wear any clothing that may stick to the tattoo. It will spoil the entire tattoo design and also may lead to skin problems.

Even after performing basic steps and after all the precautions, you continue to face the irritation, then without wasting much time rush to your doctor. And if the doctor suggests that the ink used for making tattoo does not suit your skin then go to a dermatologist, Skin specialist and do whatever is prescribed.

Types of Best Tattoo machines

Tattoo guns also known as a tattoo machine are available in the market. Today, in the digital era, everything is online. These machines are available in different designs online. Types of tattoo machines are mentioned below:-

The rotary machine:- It is the original machine which was invented at first. It requires an electric motor to work and run the needles.

The Coil machine:- It is the most common type of machine used for making tattoos. It requires an electromagnetic circuit to keep the needles running.

The shader Tattoo gun:- Tattoo artist commonly use this machine to shade black ink. Not only black ink but other ink can also be used for shading with different tattoo guns.

The Pneumatic Tattoo gun:- This machine is light in weight as compared with other tattoo guns or machines. This machine requires compressed air to run its needles. The tattoo artist can easily sterilize this machine without disassembling it.

The Linear Tattoo machine:- This machine is basically used to draw a single but dominating line. Generally, black ink is used to draw a dominating line but all the colours can also be used for the same purpose.

The above mentioned different types of tattoo guns are also available online. Now it depends on the tattoo artist what do they purchase. While purchasing tattoo guns do not fall for any advertisement. Always check the quality of the material. There are so many tattoo machines available and also some up-gradation has been made to the types of machines already available as per need. Tattoo artists need to be very careful while drawing a tattoo. They should use the appropriate machine for drawing tattoo.

Hence, the tattoo has some of its own importance. From building a feeling of self-love to self-esteem to building, self-confidence are some of the important moral aspects of getting inked. While getting inked and also after getting inked do not forget to take the precautions. The basic precaution should be taken to comfort the inked area and make it irritation-free. It is advised to always go to the professional tattoo artist for getting tattooed because he has enough knowledge of that particular field. A professional artist has knowledge of how to move the machine properly without causing much pain to their customer. So, choose wisely among many. Go and get yourself tattooed and feel the pleasure of self-love and self-confidence. And of course, feel unique!!